Meditation Course


  • Are you stressed ?

  • Are you overthinking ?

  • Do you think there is too much to do, but there isn’t enough time ?

  • Do you seem to lack confidence?

  • Are you struggling with relationships or finance or parenting or job?

  • Do you want some peace? 

  • Do you want to achieve greater goals?


Find answers to all your questions with the meditation course, based on the Three Principles Understanding, which describes how the human mind works. 

Few benefits :-


  • Increased clarity and calmness.

  • Freedom from stress, insecurity, destructive behaviour patterns.

  • Discovering new possibilities.

  • More confidence and inner stability.

  • Increased creativity and inspiration.

  • Improved Interpersonal relationships.

  • Living more in the flow of life.

  • Improved sense of sharing, respect and communication.

  • More time and energy for yourself and loved ones.

  • Effortless results in all areas of life.

  • Increased mental well being.

  • Unlocks full potential.





Details of the course:-

  • 12 sessions of 30-40 minutes each.

  • Weekly three sessions.

  • In every session, spend 10-15 mins for meditation plus 15-20 minutes learning about how our human mind works.

  • Conducted in groups.

  • Conducted online, via zoom or facebook live. 

Fees for the course :-    Rs.800/-  per person.