Meditation Course


  • Are you stressed ?

  • Are you overthinking ?

  • Do you think there is too much to do, but there isn’t enough time ?

  • Do you seem to lack confidence?

  • Are you struggling with relationships or finance or parenting or job?

  • Do you want some peace? 


I am presenting an online Meditation course, which will help you find answers to these questions….



Why will this course help you?

We, human beings, are so focused and busy with our outside world, that we rarely get the time to look inside.


But, my friends, inside is the place where all magic happens. Your outside world is just a projection of your inside world.






Let me give you a simple example..


Let’s say you take this printout..




As you can see, “super” is spelled incorrectly. Now, you take a white ink and make the correction. Next time, you take the print out.. guess what.. again same spelling mistake… You have to take efforts (putting white ink and correcting with a pen) to make it right. You might even get frustrated doing this, but you continue ... thinking you do not have an option.. This is life.. If I am living life, I will have to do this………


Yes, when in life, we have to make efforts.


But,  we do not have to make such efforts that frustrate us…. Why? Because there is a solution to it..


If you just take a little time out and go to the source from where this printout is coming and make corrections, your task now becomes effortless…


After that each time you hit “print” on your laptop, voila….










the print out is ready. You need not make any extra efforts ..


That’s how easy it is in life, as well..


The source of the struggles and problems that you are facing are inside you, your mind. If you just take some time and make appropriate corrections on the inside, life starts becoming effortless for you.


And, this course aims to do just that…


We, human beings, by default have all the capacities and resources to live an effortless life. This course will help you in recognizing and realizing the infinite resources you have inside you and how to use them in order to get desired results in your life.




- Are you ready to dive in ?

- Are you ready to invest little time for a few days to understand how you work from inside?

- Do you think it will be worth an investment?

- Do you not believe in sharpening the sword before using it?


I have tried to make it very simple and easy for you. You do not need to travel. All you need is your laptop/ tab/ phone and an internet connection. You just have to make time for half an hour and that too not everyday and look at the benefits you could get:-

  • Increased clarity and calmness.

  • Freedom from stress, insecurity, destructive behaviour patterns.

  • Discovering new possibilities.

  • More confidence and inner stability.

  • Increased creativity and inspiration.

  • Improved Interpersonal relationships.

  • Living more in the flow of life.

  • Improved sense of sharing, respect and communication.

  • More time and energy for yourself and loved ones.

  • Effortless results in all areas of life.

  • Increased mental well being.

  • Unlocks full potential.





Details of the course:-

  • 12 sessions of 30-40 minutes each.

  • Weekly three sessions.

  • In every session, spend 10-15 mins for meditation plus 15-20 minutes learning about how our human mind works.

  • Conducted in groups.

  • Conducted online, via zoom or facebook live. 

Fees for the course :-    Rs.800/-  per person.

You get a discount if you book in groups, so get your friends and avail the discount. 

For group of 3, Rs.700/- each.

For group of 5, Rs.600/- each.


Get more friends and enrol at a super cheap price.

Corporate Leaders... sign up your team members and let your boss get awed by their performance.


For group of 10, Rs.500/- each.

Batches begin on  27th August, 2018. So, register for the course, right away...

+91-9820313633 now to Register

+91-9820313633 now to Register

+91-9820313633 now to Register

+91-9820313633 now to Register