Vision: -

Serving people to achieve dreams and transform their lives.

After completing my Science graduation, I started my professional career with admin jobs and studied IT programming, alongside. Subsequently, I shifted to IT field and have worked in various roles ie. IT programmer, Team leader, IT Auditing. After working for over 10+ years in this field, I decided that it was time to do something on my own.

Since I was in college, I had an inclination towards reading motivational and spiritual books. I had this feeling throughout, since childhood, that there is some problem in me. and this inclination was to find the solution to it. The journey of my quest of finding the solution included reading books, attending courses, learning different Meditation techniques. All of this would help me change, but very soon, I would find myself reverting to old behaviours. There was not a change that sticked. And hence my journey continued.

So, while contemplating on what to do next, I chose to take this path and began with teaching Meditation to people.


About 5 years ago, I came across this Understanding, the Inside out Understanding or The Three Principles Understanding, that I now teach. Since the time I have learnt about this Understanding, I have thanked the Universe countless times for introducing me to the same. After studying this Understanding, I began to transform. I saw changes in me, changes that sticked. Eventually, I saw a total shift in myself, from being a negative, arrogant, short tempered, shy, insecure, fearful, low self esteem, I can't do it.. person  to now being a humbled, grateful, curious, hopeful, anything is possible.. person. And my exploration continues till date.

I absolutely believe that whoever studies this Understanding is definitely going to benefit in some or the other way. Even if you do not have any problems in life, which I am sure there is nobody on this planet, who doesn't have problems, ...still studying this Understanding will give you a taste, a glimpse of your true nature, which is not visible to us while we are involved in our daily lives. If you have problems, you will find an easy way to find answers, you will discover new capacities in yourself to dream big, to achieve more than you think you can.

My intention for life is now to spread this Understanding to people, to serve them in

-transforming themselves

-finding solutions to their problems/ challenges

-ending their suffering

-achieving their dreams/ goals

Hope to meet you in some corner of life.