Personal one-to-one coaching

What can you talk to me about in personal coaching sessions?

- If you are stuck in some area of your life

- You want guidance in taking your life to a next level

- You want guidance in reaching your goals

- You are interested in knowing about your true nature / true potential.

Some examples :-

- Stress relief

- Issues in relationships

- Parenting

- Want to earn more money

- Weight loss

- Dealing with boss / colleagues

- Find a new job

- Self love / Confidence / healing the past

Few Benefits of personal coaching :-

  • Brings clarity, calmness and happiness.

  • Uncovers our human wellbeing and unlocks the full potential

  • Releases wisdom, inner health, understanding and compassion.

  • Improves sense of sharing, respect and communication

  • Makes us wiser, more calm, productive and creative.

Personal coaching sessions are usually telephonic or online (skype/zoom) conversations. If required face-to-face sessions can also be arranged.