About The Three Principles/ Inside out Understanding:-






















There is a truth and a logic to the way our mind works and that truth is thought creates our feelings and experiences of life. This truth, being invisible, gives us the appearance that our feelings and experiences are created from the outside world. We feel what we feel because of other people, situations and circumstances. There is a fixed reality outside of us and that is what we are experiencing. Since, we cannot control other people, situations and outside world, we experience ourselves to be vulnerable, insecure, unsafe, hopeless, etc. This is a huge misunderstanding that we humans are living in. This one misunderstanding is the cause of all suffering and struggle in our lives.














If we look towards the truth, which is thought is creating my feelings and experiences... and when I say thought, I am pointing to the power of thought, the formless infinite potential of life that has the power to transform, reform into any form and hence create any experience s for us human beings. Our experiences are not fixed as they look to us. In fact, they are so fluid that we have a chance to have new experience in every moment of our life.

Beyond this personal thought-feeling system, there is a space inside us wherein lies a vast reservoir of resources like clarity, wisdom, resilience, feelings of infinite love, compassion and understanding.

We spent most of our life in this thought-feeling drama and overlook the infinite reservoir of resources inside us. When we align ourselves with the truth and logic of the way our human mind works, we are able to get ourselves out of this misunderstanding and access the infiniteness within us.

One of the infinite resources that we are not able to access when we stay in the misunderstanding is wisdom, our infinite intelligence. Our wisdom, like a GPS, is giving us guidance in every moment of our lives. We tend to lose sight of this guidance when we feel the outside world is creating our feelings and experiences. That's when we do not find solutions to our problems, we run out of new ideas, we do not know what to do, we can go through tough situations gracefully with the knowing that deeper guidance will be available to us in any moment.