Shivam, 12 year old :-

When I was 3 years, I was stuck in a lift and since then I had a fear of being in the lift alone. I stay on the 14th floor and my mom or somebody had to accompany me, while I would travel in the lift.

After 3-4 coaching sessions with Vibhuti Mam, my fear of lift just disappeared and since then I am able to be in the lift all by myself.

Smita, Professional :-

I have been doing meditation sessions with Vibhuti for almost an year now. I have seen major alterations in me and my life over the past year. Overall, I have become more calm and composed. My relationships at workplace have improved drastically. I have become more productive and focussed.

I wanted to buy my own house since quite some time. I have bought that new house, finally. I also wished to study further, but I had lost the confidence to do so. With my job, family, my 10-year old son, I could not seem to find the time to even think of doing that. The meditation sessions gave me that confidence and I have now completed my first semester of MBA with A grade.


Rashmi, Phonics teacher:-

I was depressed because of my relationship with my sis-in-law . I would get very angry and the anger was affecting me, my relationships with my family, my 4 year old son, my productivity and basically everything. Getting out of the  depression and having a positive relationship with my sis-in-law was the main reason of taking coaching sessions from Vibhuti. 

After 6-7 months of coaching, my anger subsided. I started feeling much calmer and peaceful from within. My relationship with my sis-in-law improved. Earlier, I was a home maker. Now, I have taken up a phonics class franchise and am teaching and handling the class independently.

Bhagyashree, Anushka's mother :-

I enrolled my daughter Anushka, 9 year old, for Vibhuti's meditation classes because her concentration was weak. She has been attending the sessions for 9-10 months now. Overall, she has opened up and seems to be happy and contented. This year when we went to get her report card, her teacher gave us the feedback that her concentration has improved a lot over the past few months.


I am very happy to say my mentoring sessions were amazing. Each session has taught me a lot. After the first session itself, my problem seems to have vanished.

Hillel, Professional :-

I highly recommend the teachings. Vibhuti Bhinde is exceptional and I personally experienced change after a few sessions. Must do. 

Rim, Professional :- 

Got to know about stress management from an entirely different perspective. Thanks to the awesome three principles.

Jyoti, Professional:- 

Earlier, I could not control my anger. After the coaching sessions, I have become a lot more stable.

Sameer, Professional:- 

I saw money making from an entirely different perspective.

Ishika, Professional:-

My colleague looked very annoying to me and I could not stand her at all. After a couple of coaching sessions with Vibhuti, I realized that its my thinking that I am experiencing and not my colleague. I began to think about her less post that. My annoyance was gone and magically I started to see a difference in my colleague's behaviour as well.

Neelam, Professional:-

Me and my boyfriend used to fight constantly, we had been in a relationship for more than 7 years. I had decided to quit the relationship. Taking coaching sessions from Vibhuti was my last try. 

Today, I am happily married to him for more than 2 years. Thanks to the coaching and meditations sessions.

Pramod, Professional:-

I was facing confidence issues at my workplace. I could not express myself in front of my colleagues and I felt as if everyone was taking me for granted. I was also stressed because of financial issues. My relationship with my colleagues improved after these conversations and later I also found a new job.