The Three Principles - FAQs

What is the Three Principles Understanding / the Inside Out Understanding ?


The Three Principles Understanding describes how we human beings function, how our mental reality gets created. These principles are not a belief system or a theory. They are neutral and impersonal. Like gravity, they are a universal principle – we don’t have to “do” them just like we don’t have to “do” gravity.

What are The Three Principles ? 


The Three Principles are principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. They form the foundation of all human experience. These innate gifts are what we use to generate our mental reality, moment to moment.


Mind :- We are alive.                                                           

Consciousness:- We are aware.

Thought:- We have the power to create.

Why do we have to know about them ?

We are living in a misunderstanding about how our mind works. In reality, our mind works exactly in the opposite way we think it works.


We have the power to create the experiences of our life. We have unlimited choices and options to experience whatever we want in our life. But, we live in a misunderstanding that our reality is constant and it will change when it has to.


The Three Principles Understanding introduces us to that power which we already have inside us, the power to create our life. It introduces us to the resources that we have to create our life. It introduces us to the default process that is already working in us, which supports us in creating our life.


When we align with these principles, creating our life experiences becomes easy and effortless.

What are the benefits of this Understanding ?
Few Personal Benefits :-
  • Brings clarity, calmness and happiness.

  • Uncovers our human wellbeing and unlocks the full potential

  • Releases wisdom, inner health, understanding and compassion.

  • Improves sense of sharing, respect and communication

  • Makes us wiser, more calm, productive and creative.

How will this Understanding solve my problems ?


People mistakenly believe that our feelings and emotions are caused by people, events or circumstances that happen around us. This leads to the false perception that things are outside our control.


Life always happens from the inside out. Our thoughts, feelings and ultimate behaviors are not controlled by external factors but how we interpret and perceive them, by our thoughts.


The best solutions to life’s challenges are the ones that we discover for ourself. The three principles provide us with an understanding that allows us to access our inner wisdom whenever we need to. And as we learn to do so consistently, we start to notice how life seems to be flowing with us rather than against us.

I am a very positive person. I don't need all this.


This is not about changing your negative thoughts to positive . This is about seeing, how our mind works and aligning ourselves with it, so that navigating life becomes easy.

This is the Law of Attraction. I have read about it/ know this already. 


No, this is not about thinking/ visualizing and manifesting things in our life.  This is about finding your true nature.

Many other techniques talk about our thoughts - "Our thought create our life". So, what is the difference between this Understanding and other techniques ?


  • These are principles – universal forces which are acting on us, whether we know about them or not.

  • This Understanding is a description of how our mind actually works.

  • Other techniques do talk about thoughts. But that is intellectual knowledge. And intellectual knowledge about our thoughts/thinking does relax us, but transformation happens only when you insightfully see this process happening in you. With this understanding, you have insights, which transform you.