Benefits from this course:-


  • As the title suggests, you will be able to conquer your anger.
  • You will have great insights into the working of your mind that will assist you in other areas of life as well.
  • A more calmer state of mind
  • Increased productivity and effectiveness.
  • Enhanced interpersonal relationships
  • Improved sense of well being.


This course contains audios, meditations and written exercises. For you to get the maximum benefit out of this course, I recommend to do the meditation and exercises regularly.


On download, you will receive a zip file which contains following audio files and a word file to do your exercises. One sample exercise pdf file is also included


1 Welcome.

2 Our true nature

3 Nature of thought

4 The source of anger

5. Feelings gives us signals

6. Our internal GPS

7 How this knowledge will help to conquer anger

8 About meditation & exercise

9 Meditation

10 End note



File Type :- mp3 audio


Language :- English


Few testimonials from Clients:-

Sakshi:- I used to get angry and have arguments with my sister quite often. After this course, in only two weeks, my anger has subsided and my relationship with my sister is improving.


Juhi:- Earlier, I would judge people and get very angry when they would talk disgusting. Now, when anyone does that, I am able to walk away from there without reacting.


Ashi:- I had the habit of getting angry and reacting immediately. I have changed a lot after this course. Even my family members have noticed the change in my behavior.




Audio - Conquering Anger

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