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Let us spread Love

The answer to “Why should I ?”Why should I ?....

Does this sound familiar ? We all must have faced this question many times in our lives.

Mostly in a relationship, this question shows up a lot. Why should I compromise? Why should I talk first? Why should I call? Why should I give up? Why should I forgive? ……

I am also not new to this. Been here lots of times. Still do…

But today I see something new, too. I think I can see the answer.

I should…. Because I am love..

I should…. Because that’s how I am designed..

I should… Because that’s what God has send me here for.

Suppose, a company hires us… gives us a very responsible role of a manager. While we are playing that role, we are very much aware of our duties and responsibilities. We try to perform tasks, proactively without anyone pointing out to us. We plan, we organize, we work diligently for the growth of the company.

And we also get the returns. The company showers us with incentives, bonuses, promotions, special facilities..

Similarly, this Universe has hired us to play a role… the role of “love-giver”. We have to give and spread love as much as we can.

Of course, we are humans. We have thoughts. Thoughts look like reality and we act out at times. But we are also beings… we are human beings. If the tendency of human part is to act out, the being is only love, pure love. And when we just drop our “human” façade for even a few moments and fall into the being part of us, from there we can’t do anything else, but give love…

Because that’s what we are..

Because that’s how we are designed..

Because that’s what god has send us here for.

And when we do that, the Universe also showers us with happiness and peace and love and abundance and our fulfilled desires and what not.

One point to be noted out here: When we are working for our company and managing our team members, we don’t expect bonuses, incentives, promotions from our team members. We are very clear that that’s the role of our boss, our company.Similarly, if we love our fellow beings, please don’t expect them to give you love and abundance and fulfilled desires. Because that’s the role of the Universe. And the Universe works perfectly always.. If we expect, we get disappointed, our love gets replaced with disappointment and disappointment is not the place where Universe can fulfill our desires. For that, the requirement is love.

So, lets spread love.

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