• Vibhuti Bhinde

Feelings as guide

I was feeling extremely horrible throughout the day yesterday. Don't know what had happened. I wanted to work, but my system was not responding at all. So, I was just lying in the bed doing nothing.

(Sometimes, my laptop, too, behaves like this. When it gets overloaded, it stops responding. And then I have to restart it.)

Then, I remembered. I can only feel my thinking. I only and always feel the principle of THOUGHT taking form, brought to life by the principle of CONSCIOUSNESS powered by the principle of MIND.

And, it also struck me that my feelings are my guide. As, we have indicators in our car, which indicate the level of fuel , our feelings are also indicators, which indicate the amount of contaminated thinking in our Consciousness at that moment.

Earlier, when I did not know about the Three Principles, I used to think I am feeling these feelings because of something that is happening outside and it is a message about my life, it is a message that someone is trying to hurt me or something disastrous is going to happen to me.

But yesterday, I saw it insightfully, that my feelings are telling me that whatever thinking I have in this moment is not to be taken seriously or trusted at all.

Although, when we have a strong "bad" feeling, our thinking looks very real to us, but it is exactly the opposite. That thinking is not to be trusted at all. Realizing this helped me to move through it gracefully.

Today, as I write this, the feeling is still there, but the emotional charge has lessened. Its like there is bad weather and I am the sky. The sky also sometimes has bad weather, but the sky doesn't mind and the sky doesn't stop being the sky.

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