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Our true self

I had visited Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon, couple of years back with my friends. We spent a lot of time in the culture gully, where one can see blend of many cultures of India under one roof. They have tried to create a lively atmosphere of the many states of India by offering an array of theme restaurants, street bars, live performances and much more.

The place is very beautiful, but the fact is, it is made-up. Everyone will agree with me, if you have been to Kingdom of Dreams, that actual India is far far far beautiful and different from what we see there.

Similarly, we all know ourselves as a personality. Our personality is a blend of the thoughts, ideas and beliefs that we have about ourselves. And the nature of thought is such that if we hold on to it, it looks real. The more we hold on to a thought, the more real it looks and whatever we think we feel, we experience it as reality. So, we feel that this is what we are. That made- up personality, made up of the Principle of Thought.

But, our True Self is far far far far beautiful and totally different from what we think we are. We are that infinite energy of the Principle of Universal Mind. I can’t describe it in words, cause then I would be limiting it somewhere. But, we need to experience it. Its different.

I am fortunate to have experienced a glimpse, almost 0.000000000001 % of our true self, thanks to this understanding. And, we human beings, have a tendency when we taste nectar we want others to taste it too. If any time in your life, you have discovered something good, anything, be it a pen, cellphone, dress, house, good course, medicine, etc. and you have suggested that to some other person, so that he/she can also benefit from that, then you will understand what I am saying.

I want all of you to taste this. It is really very beneficial, extremely powerful, totally transformative and life changing.

We all think that we know what we are, that I don’t need all this, that I am very busy, that I am ok the way I am. Yes, we are ok and perfect the way we are, but the fact remains that we are far, far, far away from our true self.

Come, lets discover our true selves.

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