• Vibhuti Bhinde

Our mental warning signs

We all are familiar with these road signs, which give us warnings early ahead, so we do not get ourselves in danger. Before driving, it is mandatory for us to know these signs in order for us to drive safely and not break the rules. These signs are clear cut and easy to understand and we look for them while driving because we know the benefits of following them.

Similarly, our minds are giving us signals about what is going on inside. Do you know what those signals are ? They are our feelings. Yes, no one has explained us what these feelings mean and hence we are not able to comprehend the signals sent by our mind.

So let us see, what these signs actually mean …

Although, it does look like our feelings are giving us feedback about our life, but it is never the case. Our feelings are giving us feedback about what is going inside our mind.

When our thinking is in the right direction ,we feel calm and peaceful. When our thinking starts to take a turn in the wrong direction, we start having moderate feelings like irritation, upset, annoyance. These feelings are trying to tell us ----- slow, reduce speed now, wrong way, go back.

Intense feelings like an anger, anxiety, depression are actually warning us that we need to stop thinking whatever we are thinking immediately because the thinking has gone in a totally opposite direction and is extremely harmful for our mental well being. They are warning us.. Stop, Halt, Dead End, Road closed.

Recognize these mental warning signs and live a happy life…

Peaceful feelings ------ Green Signal ------- Go

Moderate feelings------- Yellow Signal ------ Prepare to stop

Intense feelings----------- Red Signal ------- Stop Immediately



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