• Vibhuti Bhinde

Thoughts are like waves

Imagine this, you are on the banks of a sea, observing the activity happening inside the sea.. Water in the sea is travelling towards the shore rolling into a temporary wave form and dissolving back into the sea.

Similarly, there is a formless energy in this Universe. This energy is travelling into your mind every moment. When it comes into your mind, it takes different thought forms and in the next moment, it dissolves...

Like waves, these thought forms are temporary, very fluid and powerless. Unlike waves, though these thought forms can turn into something like solid, when they get power from us. They get power from us when we do something extra with it, other than observing it.

By extra, I mean :-­‐

  • Think more thoughts about that thought.

  • Judge that thought.

  • Try to fix/change that thought.

  • Try to avoid/ ignore that thought.

So, if you are doing anything with a thought, other than observing it, you are giving it your power and hence bringing it to life. When a thought gets life, two things definitely happen :-­‐

  • You will feel that thought in your body.

  • You will experience it in your reality.

That thought then becomes a thing which feels as if you have to do something about it. But however powerful and real it might look, the fact is it is still a thought and will dissolve once you stop giving it your power.


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