• Vibhuti Bhinde

Resiliency - Bouncing back to normal

Earlier when I would feel sad or low, I would always misunderstand those feelings to be coming from situation or other person ( I still misunderstand lots of times). And I would wait for the situation to change or the person to apologize so that I could feel good. That looked to me like the only way out of the feeling.

I never realized that I had resiliency built in my self operating system. Even after learning about resiliency through the Three Principles Understanding, I struggled a bit to see the actual meaning of it. I was not able to comprehend what resiliency actually meant. Maybe, I could not see the simplicity of resiliency and I was trying to find a complex meaning of it and hence could not see the simple straightforward meaning.

Resiliency means if we are feeling bad or negative, its temporary, it is just a feeling. Nothing has actually happened to me. My inner self, my true self is still the same and I can be normal again once the feeling has passed. Actually, I am normal even when I am in that feeling. But it does not look that way.

Still even though it looks as if something has happened to me, I can be normal again once the feeling passes. I do not have to wait for the situation or other person to change in order to feel good. My self operating system does the clearing work for me and I am resilient enough to bounce back to being normal.

Oh! This discovery gives me still more freedom mentally.

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