• Vibhuti Bhinde

The actual source of our feelings

We, human beings, feel lots of feelings throughout the day and we feel our feelings are coming from outside of us. Eg. when someone says something to us we feel angry. If someone doesn't treat us properly,we feel sad.. I am feeling happy because its raining.. I am excited because I am going for a trip.

Can you see, we constantly feel that the source of our feelings is somewhere outside of us. But, the actual source of our feelings is our own THINKING.. Yes something does happen outside, for example, a situation or a person saying something. But we are not feeling that which is happening outside. We are feeling our own thinking about that which is happening outside. everything that we feel and experience is always coming to our thinking we CANNOT experience anything that is NOT THOUGHT. But it never looks that way and the reason is because it's invisible and the process happens very fast and that's why we misunderstand that our feelings are coming from something outside of us.

Now, when we feel that, we are in a misunderstanding and when in misunderstanding, we are far away from our true nature and from the infinite resources and potential that we already have built in our factory settings by default.

Asking this question has helped me to come out of my misunderstanding lots of times. "What do I feel , right now where is my feeling coming from ?" . And the answer is usually from that person or because of her or because of the situation. This question puts a brake on the fast speed thinking that is going on in my mind at that time and gets me back to the present and to a universal fact that "I ALWAYS FEEL MY THINKING".


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