• Vibhuti Bhinde

You are always ok

Time and again, when I look inside to reflect, I find myself in that space where I feel that I am not ok right now and mentally I have to get to some other place where I will be ok. Even though I know that my true nature is peace, love, joy, satisfaction and I am always ok, I keep falling for the illusion of thought and start feeling that I need to reach somewhere to be ok.

I feel that I am not ok right now and I need to do something in order to reach that place. May be meditating for longer time or reading that book or watching that video will make me ok. It looks very real and convincing. As if without meditating or reading the book, I will not become ok at all. Performing this action is mandatory for me to be ok again.

That’s how real thought looks. With the power that I give to thought, it becomes so powerful that it is able to shadow the actual truth of my nature. It makes me believe something which I am not. I find it so true, so real that I do sit to meditate or watch a video. The more I perform such actions after believing a thought, the more real thought becomes.

But still, how much ever real thought becomes for me, I , a human being, always have infinite capacity to realize that its thought. I have infinite capacity for insights and the ability to see through the illusionary nature of thought. And sooner or later, I am able to see it and find myself ok again. Not because I have done something to make myself ok, but because that’s the truth and I (we, human beings) have the capacity to see truth..

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