• Vibhuti Bhinde

A clearer look at actual reality

I had visited Rhine falls in Switzerland, last year. I cannot describe in words, but the view of the falls was mesmerizing. Different viewpoints were provided in that area for us to sink in the majestic beauty of nature. At one of the points, there were different coloured glasses placed to create a kind of a special effect to the viewer. So if I would look through the red glass, the falls would look red. If I would look through blue glasses, the falls would look blue and so on. Although, the glasses did provide a different view, but it was nothing compared to the actual view of the falls without the glasses.

We, human beings, experience the outside world through thought. Without thought, there is no experience. So, we will have to think about it. But, we innocently, add too much personal thinking into our experience and contaminate it. Because of the illusory nature of thought, everything we think looks real to us. And the actual reality, this amazing formless energy that we all are, that everything in this universe is….. remains hidden.

If we do not add our personal thinking, we will be able to have a closer and uncontaminated view of the outside world. Our personal thinking are like those glasses.

In case of rhine falls, I had a choice to view it with or without glasses. I could swap them. But in case of us human beings, if we continue to wear glasses of our personal thinking, it will look real to us. We will not even know that this is not real and the actual view is something very beautiful and amazing and mesmerizing than I can every imagine.

Let us challenge everything we “think” to be true. Probably what is looking true to you is actually thought. When you challenge it, if it is thought, it will loose its power and melt away and you will come more closer to the reality.

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