• Vibhuti Bhinde

Do not always believe what your thoughts tell you

One task on my to-do list for today was “to write a blog”. Since, the mind is comparatively fresh in the mornings, I decided to check it off, first. I sat down with a pen and a paper and within a few minutes, I started to get confused about the topic. I was not sure which one of the 2-3 topics should I pick and what should I write. I felt probably I am still not ready with the matter. I will have to pause, go read a book , watch a video, ask people a few questions, get more clarity on the topic and then come back to writing. This seemed to me to be a very good idea.

I was about to fetch my laptop, when I was struck with a voice inside “Wait !!!! Is this not what I feel each time I sit to write or create something new?

Whenever I take a pen and paper and decide to write, my thought friends would wake up and start giving me advice “You are not clear” , “You are confused” , “Go read about this topic or watch a video and then you will be more certain about what to write”.

And everytime I would believe them. I would listen to them, misunderstanding that what my thought friends are telling me is true. Well, what they said looked very real and convincing to me. I actually was confused and could not write. So I always believed them.

But it is the other way round. Its not that “I was confused and was not able to write” was reality. But, because I believed those thoughts, “getting confused and not being able to write” became my reality.

Today, I did not believe them and in a couple of minutes, I finished this blog. Its just the beginning of my day and one task of my to-do list is checked, done. :)

The point I am trying to make here is: Thoughts are deceptive. Do not take them seriously or believe them, especially such thoughts which tell you that you can't do it or you are not good enough or you don't deserve it. Because the truth is you have got infinite potential. infinite possibilities and infinite intelligence guiding you in every moment. But if you believe those thoughts, then those thoughts will become your reality. Those thoughts will obstruct the truth... till when? .... till you believe them to be true. Once you stop believing them, you will back to the actual truth... which is "you are infinite".

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