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Hey Santa, today I really want you to exist, so that I can wish for this one thing as my Christmas a

A couple of days back, a friend had shared a letter written by a child for Santa Claus. The child was travelling on Christmas day, so he wanted Santa to know about his change of location. He mentioned his desires, wants and also listed things he will do and he won’t do to be a good boy. I could only see innocence in the letter. An innocent kid writing a letter to someone who doesn’t even exist….. agreeing to do things for him so that he gets his gift. What will the child do? Santa seems real to him. That is what people around him have said and he believes that Santa is real.

At times, when I see people fighting so much for ego, I can see their innocence. Our ego, our personality is made up…. made up with our own thoughts. Anything made up with thoughts is not real, but looks very real because of the illusory nature of thought. However real it might look, the truth is … our ego does not exist. We make so many efforts throughout the day to make it feel good or prevent it from feeling bad.

We are ok with judging, blaming, criticizing others. We are ok with hurting, harming someone we love. We are ok with putting others down. We are ok to fight with others. We are ok to wage wars. We are ok to kill ourselves or others …… just for the sake of ego.

We are doing this innocently. What to do? Ego looks so real that making it feel good always seems justified. No one has ever told us that it is not real, it only looks real.

What if the child realizes one day that Santa doesn’t exist? Will he still write the letter? What if we realize that our ego does not exist? Will we still perform such insensitive actions?

I do not mind if the child does not lose his innocence and continues to write letters to Santa, but I do sincerely wish that we human beings realize our innocence and are able to see it for ourselves that what we are fighting for throughout the day does not exist at all. I sincerely want people to know that their feelings are not coming from other people, their feelings are coming from their own thinking about other people. I sincerely want people to know that they are ok from inside, no matter what happens to them in the outside world. I do sincerely wish that we act from the space of our true nature instead, which is to give love and spread love.

Hey Santa, today I really want you to exist, so that I can wish for this one thing as my Christmas and New year gift.

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