• Vibhuti Bhinde

Whatever is happening is perfect.

Today, while I was reflecting, I could really see the perfection in this Universe. I realized that what I am seeing is this Universal energy in different forms. This nature, plants, animals, human beings… everything is a form of this formless energy.

The behaviour or actions of us human beings is also a form of this Universal energy. How? Our behavior comes from the feeling that we are having in the moment. Our feeling is the result of the thinking happening in our mind in the moment. Our thoughts are again different forms of this same Universal energy.

So, whatever is happening right now is because this Universal energy has taken this form in this moment. If someone is behaving in a certain way, it is because of his thinking, which is again this Universal energy taken a form. This energy is infinitely intelligent. It knows everything. So, if the energy has taken that form in the moment, who am I (with my limited mind) to judge the form that this energy has taken.

When I am judging someone’s behavior, that’s what I am doing. When I say in my mind… “Why is he behaving like that?”, I am actually saying is “Why has this energy taken this form? It should not have done this or It is not supposed to do this. It should have been in some other form”. How can I know what form is best for this energy to take.

This infinitely intelligent energy knows everything. If it is in a certain form right now, there is some reason behind it, there is some intelligence behind it, which if I stop judging might become visible to me. I am no one to decide what it should do… because that’s beyond my capacity.

So, whatever is happening right now is perfect. I am perfect the way I am, my family members, friends, people around me are perfect the way they are, their behaviour, their actions are perfect inspite of whatever they are doing… .everything in this world is perfect the way it is right now… because that’s the form this creative intelligence has taken in this moment and whatever it does is perfect…

And there is infinite potential for this form to change in the next moment.

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