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Can you really live without Stress ?

Stress is becoming a permanent member of almost everyone of our lives, nowadays. Right from small kids to grown-ups to senior citizens, everyone is going through their share of stress. It is turning out to be such an integral part of our lives, that we see no choice, but to live with it.

But, really, don’t we have any other choice? Is it possible to live without stress in today’s world?

Yes, it is… If you see the actual source of stress. If you see stress coming from outside of you, from some other person or your job or your situation, then probably, you do not have a choice because all those things are not in your control and hence you have to continue getting stressed. But, if you understand that the nature of thought, then you will also understand that our feelings cannot come from anything other than our own thinking in the moment.

Yes, it does look as if other person or our situations are causing the stress inside us, but just because something looks a certain way does not mean that it is true. It looks as if the sun rises everyday, but we all know that it isn’t true. The sun does not rise, the earth moves.

When you start seeing the true source of your feelings, you will be able to see that the only reason that you are feeling stress is because you are thinking stressful thoughts. The moment you see that it is “you” who is doing it, you will stop doing it and you will be able to relieve yourself from stress.

I, myself, have been a very stressful person most of my life. The more deeply I saw the nature of thought and my role in creating my stress, I was able to get myself out of it. I will not say that I have become a completely stress free person.

There are times in my life, when I still do get stressed. But now I know that its temporary and it will pass in some time. Now I know that I will have stressful thoughts from time to time because that is how we are designed. We are designed to have all types of experiences and all those experiences are temporary and do not mean anything about us. So, if I am having stressful thoughts does not mean I am a stressful person. It just means I am having some stressful thinking in this moment and it will be gone soon. I don’t even have to do anything about it. I don’t even have to wait for it to pass. I can do my thing(work or rest or play) and those thoughts will do their thing (linger in my mind for some time) and will vanish soon from wherever they have come.

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