• Vibhuti Bhinde

The space of Unknown

Normally we, human beings, do not find ourselves comfortable in the space of unknown. We get fearful about what is going to happen next. As our mind is accustomed to think negative first, when we get into the unknown, we start having the fear of something negative happening to us. Hence, we always want to remain in the space of known. Even if the known is not comfortable, its frustrating, we have spent lots of time in the known, we do not want to experience the known now, we are tired of experiencing the same thing, we still wish to remain in the known because we are afraid of the unknown.

What I have experienced in my learning about this understanding, is the space of unknown is the space where miracles happen. Because the space of unknown is where we let this infinite creative energy take over and let that formless energy take a new form and create something new for us. This is the space where we let go of the responsibility that we feel is ours, but actually it is not. This is the space where we are open and ready to welcome something new into our lives. This space of unknown is not fearful not knowing, it is a free not knowing, as if we have let go of the reins and we are free, waiting for something new to come in our way. We have full trust in the universe, in this spiritual intelligence that its going to give us the best. This space is the space of amazement where we are living our life fully in the now, with the curiousness and excitement of what is going to come next.

Earlier, I used to get scared in the unknown and would choose to remain in the known. I would get uncomfortable when things would not happen the way they were happening regularly. Nowadays I want to go back to that space of unknown again and again, so that I can be open , so that I can wait for something new to come up, so that I can let a miracle happen in my life.

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