• Vibhuti Bhinde

Conquering Anger

Getting angry has become so common that we do not feel the need to do anything about it. In fact, lots of people do consider it as a positive emotion, too. Little bit of anger is good since it gets things done and lets you be in control and so on.

Whatever your belief about anger is, I never see anger as positive. We, human beings, try to control situations and people in various ways and anger is been used as one such tool.

Following are a few disadvantages of anger:-

- Unable to pay attention to the world around them.

- Unable to regulate their own behavior

- Disrupts relationships

- Insomnia

- Headache

- Digestion problems

- Increased anxiety

- Depression

- High Blood pressure

- Heart disease

If you have been looking for a solution to get rid of anger, my new online home study audio course “Conquering anger” will help you.

This course targets the actual source of our anger and helps us clearing it right from the roots. It is based on the universal truth about the way our mind works and hence is extremely impactful.

If you are worried about how will you get things done without using anger,do not. The course shares a very powerful, constant tool available inside all of us that will help you work without anger and get remarkable results in all areas of life.

Few benefits of the course include: -

  • As the title suggests, you will be able to conquer your anger

  • You will have great insights into the working of your mind that will assist you in other areas of life as well

  • A more calmer state of mind

  • Increased productivity and effectiveness

  • Enhanced interpersonal relationships

  • Improved sense of well being

The course includes simple exercises and meditations too. You can purchase the course from here.


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