• Vibhuti Bhinde

Over to you, my wisdom

I just realised what I was frantically searching for, outside of me, was always coming from inside of me. Since the past 3 years as I am studying about the Three Principles Understanding, I already knew that it is all inside, its all thought.

But, today, I literally saw it. I was always craving for that feeling which I felt was coming because I was … shopping or earning money or coming close to someone or caring for someone or eating or actually for that matter anything that I did, it was always to feel good, for that good feeling, but the irony is ….. all these years, all these days, all these moments, when I felt it was coming from these things or persons…… the fact was it was actually always coming from my own thinking, thought… The power of Thought.. Wow !! Thought.. How powerful, but deceptive you are.

Also, in this search for good feeling which I craved for, I forgot what I had to actually do. I could not hear you wisdom. I could not hear you my passion. I got busy with all these illusions. In this moment, when I am seeing this, the world looks different, my purpose of life looks different.. It is so freeing.

Wisdom, I am at your service now. You take your seat. Actually, it was always yours. I was interfering with my personal thinking and cravings. So, over to you, my wisdom….

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