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We are infiniteness appearing to be limited

Infiniteness appearing to be limited

We are infiniteness appearing to be limited. These limitations are created through thought. Thought creates illusion, meaning, it is not real, but looks very real. Hence we misunderstand it to be reality, something which is fixed and will not change and even if it changes it will take time, lots of efforts, hard work, willpower, etc.

However real it might seem, it is not real or permanent. It is temporary and can change in an instant. But only if you identify it as thought. If you misunderstand it to be reality, it doesn’t change. Instead it grows more stronger, more powerful and then it seems more real to us.

The tough part is not changing our reality or our experience. The challenge is identification of thought as thought. Because thought creates illusion, which looks like reality, we get tricked by it and fail to see it as thought.

Even though, thought is deceptive and fools us, we have an infinite capacity inside us to recognise thought and see it for what it is. And when we do that, thought loses its power and it flows automatically. With thought, the reality or the experience that had got created with that thought, also flows.

Are you ready to let your experiences flow and make space for new thoughts to flow into your mind and create new experiences in your life?

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