• Vibhuti Bhinde

All your desires are already fulfilled

In order to fulfill all our needs and desires, the Universe has given us an all-sufficient supply of a creative energy, a creative substance within us. This creative energy is formless and can take any form, according to our needs and desires. This form, then manifest itself in the outside world, as the experiences or condition of our desires.

Its like the clay that a child plays with. The clay, by default, has no particular shape or form. But we can mould it into any form that we wish to. It can become an elephant or a pizza or an ice cream. Similarly, when we create a desire in our mind, this creative substance immediately takes the form of our desire. At this stage, it is invisible. Now what remains is the manifestation of this form in the outside world.

During the process of manifestation, there is an intermediate step, where there are chances of this form getting distorted. As this form is on its way, from our consciousness to the outside world, the beliefs / thoughts in our consciousness have their influence on this form and as a result, a wry experience could manifest.

But, no worries, if in this moment, a distorted version of your desires has manifested. There is a kindness in the design of our operating system, as my coach Michael Neill explains. In every moment, you are given a blank page.. meaning in each moment you can refresh and create a new experience for yourself. In the next moment, you again have a chance. Because the activity of this infinite mind is always working to fulfill your desires. So if you miss a chance, you can try again. The only thing then remains to be taken care of is… your beliefs and thoughts which are coming in the way.

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