• Vibhuti Bhinde

Its relationship, not a game of chess

We, human beings, always tend to have eyes for other person’s action in a relationship. And the way we seem to behave is… our actions and responses are based on the actions and behaviors of the opposite person. We are very vigilant of the other person’s actions. We make assumptions about why the other person has behaved in that way and we assume that our assumptions are correct. (What to do.. Our assumptions are our thoughts in the end and the nature of thought is whatever we think always looks very real to us). Our corresponding action is then a strategic reaction of the other person’s move.

Well, that’s exactly how a game of chess is played. And that’s exactly not how relationships are played. As a matter of fact, relationships are not played, but lived.

We play relationships like a game, innocently, cause we get insecure, we feel the other person’s actions have the effect to harm us and hence we try to protect ourselves. The truth is nothing other than our own thinking has the power to harm us.

Our role in relationship is very simple. To give love…unconditional love to anyone and everyone. And it is easy too because that’s our default. Our true nature is to give love. Actually, we need not even give...if we just be… then that’s what is going to ooze out from our consciousness. That is what our consciousness is filled of… pure unconditional love.

When we are being ourselves, giving pure love happens by default. If giving love becomes a doing, a task, an effort.. it means our mind is filled with contaminated thoughts of judgement, blame, revenge, resentment. Even if that happens, no need to worry. There is a self operating system working inside our minds which has the capacity to clear out the contamination and make our consciousness pure again to enable the supply of unconditional love to flow uninterrupted….

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