• Vibhuti Bhinde

What feeling are we wearing ?

Often, I find we are too focused on how are we looking, the dress we are wearing, the color of the dress we are wearing .… Basically, our attention is more on appearances. And why do we do that? Because we want to look good. Why do we want to look good? Cause we are unknowingly seeking attention, approval from others and we believe that working on our appearances is going to help us get the same.

Well, I have read “Appearances can be deceptive” and I find it to be true. Inspite of our looks or the dress or the colour we wear, people will judge us according to the meaning and interpretation they make with their thoughts. One person can think “XYZ” about our appearance and some other person can think “PQR”. That’s not in our control.

We, innocently, judge ourselves and decide our value based on the approval and attention we get from others; forgetting that, in reality, we are infinite. What approval would infinite seek? What would be greater than infinite?

What if we pay attention to what feeling we are wearing instead? Are we wearing a feeling of unconditional love for others in our heart or is it a feeling of judgement, blame, resentment? Are we carrying a feeling of trust or is it a feeling of doubt? Are we wearing a feeling of calm and peacefulness or is it anxiety, stress, tension?

Cause the feeling is what actually attracts or repels the other person. When we are carrying a feeling of love, peace, calmness, compassion, trust.... who wouldn’t want to be around us?

So what say … should we pay more attention to what we are wearing or to what feeling we are carrying?

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