• Vibhuti Bhinde

Where are you living mentally?

What it looks to me is …. Mentally there are two places where we can be… one is in the experience and one is in the creation. Experience is what gets created with thought. Albeit an illusion, the experience looks very real to us. Most of us spend most of our lives in this thought created reality and never realize that it is an illusion. We innocently suffer all our life misunderstanding the illusion to be a fact of the outside world, a reality that can never change, an actuality that is beyond our control.

The truth, however, is the experience that looks so solid and like a fact in the outside world has no substance to it. It has no power, in and of itself, and that it dissolves and changes as soon as we stop giving it our power.

When we stay more in the present moment, we get to play the role of the creator. Every moment something is getting created from nothing. Every moment a new thought is flowing into our minds, giving us an opportunity to create new experiences. Every moment is like a blank slate, where, whatever we have experienced till now resets and we have the potential to start anew…fresh from the start. If we don’t like it , we can wait and there will be a new thought coming in the next moment.. Thoughts are ever flowing into our minds and giving us the potential to experience something different every time.

Where would you choose to be most of time…. In the created, the content, the experience or in the unknown where there is the possibility of something new getting created, something fresh coming from the nothingness of the infinite intelligence of the universe in every moment.

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