• Vibhuti Bhinde

The Perfect Solution

If you are stuck or looking for an answer to any situation in your life and finding the solution seems impossible, then I want to tell you that it is not the case. The solution is definitely there, but you will have to look in a different direction in order to find it. It is not up to you to find the answer. If you try to analyse and fetch the result by personally thinking about it, then probably it might look impossible to you. Cause the answer that you are seeking is not going to come from your conceptual mind. Something deep inside you from the invisible realm is offering you those answers.

When you order a sandwich from Subway, you are presented with different options of bread, sauces and salads to choose from. And the sandwich is customised and made as per your choice.

When you are confused, uncertain, stuck in a situation.. don’t know what to do, you need not worry at all. The infinitely intelligent formless energy of the Universe is constantly taking forms of the solutions to your problems as per your requirements. As soon as you quieten your personal thinking and stop looking for answers or solutions and shift gears to give control to this infinite formless energy, which it is anyways controlling.. we just think that we have the control in our hands, then something wonderful starts to happen.

The infinite intelligence has all the information about which situation you are in and what is going to take you out from there. The formless energy takes the form of that solution and the freshly baked customised thought is delivered right into your mind for you to act on.

We do not need to do anything. If at all there is something to be done, it is to do nothing, to stop the chattering of our personal mind and allow this intelligence to do its work. If we fill our minds with our personal thinking, the intelligence does not get enough space to do its work. So the best thing that we can do is just relax and trust this infiniteness and the perfect solution will be delivered at the doorstep of our mind.

Ufff.. this takes off a lot of burden from our shoulders… isn’t it ?

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