• Vibhuti Bhinde

Don't resist the lockdown

After two months of lockdown, it seems as if our patience has got tested enough. I am sure, most of us have got fed up, frustrated and are eagerly waiting for the lockdown to get over, which is fair in a way. We all want the freedom to go out , get back to work, to our routine lives.

The unfair part is the mental resistance happening unknowingly by us. This resistance will keep us stuck in this situation for a longer time. We all know, what we resists, persists.

If we had to voice our feelings of frustration and fed upness, it would be something like :-

“When will the lockdown get over. It should not be like this. I should be able to go out and do what I want. What is this staying at home like a prison for so many days. And that too, with these devils, who never listen to me. Oh God! One more lockdown. I was expecting at least this time we will get some relief”. And on and on and on….

Can you observe the resistance here? So much of non acceptance for what is. Resisting what has got created in the present moment is like freezing water to ice. Water flows easily, ice doesn’t flow. It stays, until it melts again. Our resistance is solidifying that what is and hence not letting it flow. Our realization that this is the error that we are making will initiate the melting process.

When you will see it for yourself, “Oh! yes, I am creating resistance by thinking thoughts of.. it should be like this and it shouldn’t be like this.” This is what is going to start the melting process. Each time you catch yourself thinking such thoughts, you will unlock the energy that has got trapped because of resistance and enable it to flow.

Don’t fall into the trap of judging yourself for thinking such thoughts “why am I resisting? This is solidifying everything, not letting it flow. Why don’t I understand? How many times should I remind myself?” For that is again going to take you in the wrong direction.

In short, the less you think, the more beneficial it is going to be..


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