• Vibhuti Bhinde

Witnessing Life

For the first time ever, I think I saw life today. The life in me, the life in you, the life in all the things, objects around.. the life in nature, in plants, in animals.. the life in life. How did I miss this amazingness till now? Probably, because I was so focused on the lack, busy complaining, searching, longing, needing that which was always around me in abundance, that all I could see was what I did not have, what others did not have, what I did not do, what others did not do, what is lacking, what should have been there, but is not there right now.

And, I am so grateful that I am witnessing this awesomeness in this moment… this awesomeness in me, this awesomeness in you, this awesomeness in us, which amplifies, goes to another level and becomes something else, when it dances together.

Life is always speaking to us, guiding us in its own ways. If we are willing to listen, we will never be stuck or lack anything. But, because no one has told us that we are supposed to listen to life, we are doing the best that we know to do. We are thinking too much instead of taking a pause and listen. We are doing too much instead of just being.

There is life beneath you, deep down in you, right now, in this moment, pulsating, vibrating, dancing, thriving, guiding you towards success, towards fullness, towards vibrancy, towards joy. Are you listening?


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